Energy Balancing Credit Committee




The EBCC is a body of User representatives with certain rights and responsibilities relating to the management of the Community's Energy Balancing Credit Risk.  These representatives are elected annually, via the UNC Shipper Representative Appointment Process, for a period of 12 months and are entitled to vote and act in accordance with UNC TPD Section X.   All decisions are taken on a simple majority.


Meeting Location:         Usually by teleconference

Chair:                           Chris Shanley

Secretary:                     Kully Jones


Correspondence relating to this Sub-committee can be sent to, or telephone 0121 288 2107. 


The Energy Balancing Credit Rules are published here /tpddocs


Voting Members

Adam Lane (Centrica)

Paula Sampson (npower)

Pauline Babb (SSE)

Sallyann Blackett (E.ON)

Non Voting Attendee

Pin Sandhu (Xoserve)

Sandra Dworkin (Xoserve)

Standing Alternates

TBC for Adam Lane

David Trevallion for Pauline Babb

Laura Dawson for Sallyann Blackett





Committee Meetings
Mon 16 December 2019
Mon 25 November 2019
Mon 21 October 2019
Mon 23 September 2019
Mon 19 August 2019
Mon 22 July 2019
Mon 24 June 2019
Mon 20 May 2019
Mon 29 April 2019
Mon 18 March 2019
Mon 25 February 2019
Mon 21 January 2019
Tue 18 December 2018
Mon 19 November 2018
Mon 22 October 2018
Mon 24 September 2018
Mon 20 August 2018
Mon 23 July 2018
Mon 25 June 2018
Mon 21 May 2018