UNC FGO Workgroup (closed April 2017)

The UNC Funding, Governance and Ownership (FGO) Workgroup Project debates and develops the UNC topics which support delivery of FGO.

Meeting Location: Solihull /London

Chair: Bob Fletcher

Secretary: Karen Visgarda

For information relating to UNC Modification 0565 - Central Data Service Provider: General framework and obligations, please refer to: /0565

For information on the Informal consultation on changes to Standard Special Condition A15 (Agency) of the Gas Transporters Licence please refer to: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publications-and-updates/informal-consultation-changes-standard-special-condition-a15-agency-gas-transporters-licence-0

For information relating to Xoserve’s Funding, Governance and Ownership (FGO) Programme please refer to: /FGO and http://www.xoserve.com/index.php/our-change-programme/xoserves-funding-governance-and-ownership-fgo-programme