Performance Assurance Committee 11 May 2021


Shipper Members:

  1. Alison Wiggett
  2. Andy Knowles
  3. Carl Whitehouse
  4. Graeme Cunningham (Alternate for Oorlagh Chapman)
  5. Lisa Saycell
  6. Louise Hellyer
  7. Mark Bellman
  8. Sallyann Blackett

Transporter Members:

  1. Alex Travell
  2. Leteria Beccano
  3. Shiv Singh


  1. Rebecca Hailes (Chair)
  2. Mike Berrisford (Secretary)
  3. Ellie Rogers (Observer, Xoserve)
  4. Fiona Cottam (Observer, Correla on behalf of Xoserve)
  5. John Welch (PAFA)
  6. Karen Kennedy (Observer, Correla on behalf of Xoserve)
  7. Lee Greenwood (Observer, Centrica)
  8. Martin Attwood (Observer, Correla on behalf of Xoserve)
  9. Neil Cole (Observer, Correla on behalf of Xoserve)
  10. Rachel Clarke (PAFA)
  11. Shelley Rouse (PAFA)



  1. Oorlagh Chapman
  2. Sara Usmani (PAFA)


PAC meetings will be quorate where there are at least four Shipper User PAC Members and two Transporters (DNO and/or IGT) PAC Members with a minimum of six PAC Members in attendance.


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