AUG Sub-Committee 12 February 2021


  1. Alan Raper (Chair)
  2. Karen Visgarda (Secretary)
  3. Andy Gordon (Observer-DNV-GL)
  4. Carl Whitehouse (Shell Energy)
  5. Christian Hill (Engage)
  6. Chandima Dutton (Waters Wye)
  7. Dan Fittock (Observer-Corona Energy)
  8. Fiona Cottam (Xoserve)
  9. George Macgregor (Utilita)
  10. Jason Salmon (Utility Warehouse)
  11. Jonathan Kiddle (Engage)
  12. John Welch (Gemserv)
  13. Mark Rixon (Observer-Independent consultant)
  14. Neil Cole (Xoserve)
  15. Robert Johnstone (Utilita)
  16. Ryan Stephenson (Utility Warehouse)
  17. Sophie Dooley (Engage Consulting)
  18. Tony Perchard (Observer-DNV-GL)


  1. Antonia Scott (Shell Energy)


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