Distribution Workgroup 25 November 2021

Meeting papers should be submitted by 5pm 18 November 2021


  1. Rebecca Hailes (Chair)
  2. Helen Bennett (Secretary)
  3. Clare Manning (E.ON Next Energy)
  4. Eddie Proffitt (Major Energy Users Council)
  5. David Morley (Ovo Energy)
  6. Kundai Matiringe (BUUK)
  7. Louise Hellyer (Total Gas & Power)
  8. Mark Jones (SSE)
  9. Owen Mason (Bulb Energy)
  10. Rhys Kealley (British Gas)
  11. Robert Johnstone (Utilita)


  1. Oorlagh Chapman (Centrica)

This Workgroup meeting will be considered quorate provided at least two Transporter and two Shipper User representatives are present.

Event Information