16 December 2020 DSC Contract Management Committee


Shipper User Representatives:

  1. Stephanie Clements (Scottish Power) - class A
  2. Oorlagh Chapman (Centrica) - Class A
  3. Andrew Green (Total Gas & Power) - Class B
  4. Steve Mulinganie (Gazprom) - Class C

Transporter Representatives:

  1. Sally Hardman - DNO Representative
  2. Leteria Beccano - DNO Representative (Alternate for Helen Chandler)
  3. Richard Loukes - NTS Representative
  4. Teresa Thompson - NTS Representative 
  5. Brandon Rodrigues - iGT Representative (Alternate for Rebecca Cailes)

CDSP Contract Management Representatives:

  1. Jayne McGlone
  2. Michele Downes


  1. Bob Fletcher (Chair)
  2. Helen Cuin (Secretary)
  3. Anmgharad Williams (National Grid)
  4. Kundai Matiringe (BU UK)
  5. Richard Pomroy (Wales & West Utilities)
  6. Sean McSweeney (Observer, E.ON)



1.Rebecca Cailes - iGT Representative

2 Kirsty Dudley (E.ON)



DSC Contract meetings will be quorate where: Committee Representatives of at least three (3) shall be Shipper Representatives and three (3) shall be DNO Representatives, NTS Representatives or IGT Representatives, are present at a meeting who can exercise seven (7) votes.

Committee Representatives: Please advise if you are not intending to participate, together with confirmation of any alternate who will attend in your place.

Observers: Please submit a request via dsccomms@gasgovernance.co.uk by 5pm 07 December 2020, to be provided with a Microsoft Teams meeting invitation to access the meeting.

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