17 November 2021 DSC Contract Management Committee


Shipper User Representatives

  1. Oorlagh Chapman (Centrica) - Class A

Transporter Representatives

CDSP Contract Management Representatives

  1. Jayne McGlone
  2. Michele Downes


  1. Bob Fletcher (Chair)
  2. TBC (Secretary)
  3. Kundai Matiringe (BUUK)
  4. Lorna Lewin (Orsted)




DSC Contract meetings will be quorate where: Committee Representatives of at least three (3) shall be Shipper Representatives and three (3) shall be DNO Representatives, NTS Representatives or IGT Representatives, are present at a meeting who can exercise seven (7) votes.


Event Information
  • Start Date
    End Date
  • Event Category
  • Location
    Microsoft Teams
  • Meeting Organiser
    Joint Office
  • Telephone
    0121 288 2107
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