21 July 2021 DSC Contract Management Committee


Shipper User Representatives

  1. Oorlagh Chapman (Centrica) - Class A
  2. Claire Louise Roberts (ScottishPower) (Alternate for Stephanie Clements - Class A)
  3. Steve Mulinganie (Gazprom) - Class C (Atlernate for Andrew Green Total Gas & Power - Class B)

Transporter Representatives

  1. Sally Hardman - DNO Representative 
  2. Richard Pomroy - DNO Representative Alternate for Helen Chandler
  3. Angharad Williams - NTS Representative
  4. Richard Loukes - NTS Representative
  5. Kundai Matiringe - iGT Representative (Alternate for Brandon Rodrigues iGT Representative)

CDSP Contract Management Representatives

  1. Jayne McGlone
  2. David Addison


  1. Bob Fletcher (Chair)
  2. Karen Visgarda (Secretary)
  3. Alexander Mann (Gazprom Energy)
  4. Andrew Szabo (Correla)
  5. Andy Clasper (Cadent Gas)
  6. Angela Clarke (Xoserve)
  7. Clare Manning (E.ON)
  8. Emma Lyndon (Correla)
  9. Guv Dosanjh (Cadent)
  10. Loraine O'Shaughnessy (JO)#
  11. Michael Orsler (Correla)
  12. Paul Orsler (Xoserve)


  1. Tristan Unwin (Correla)


  1. Brandon Rodrigues iGT Representative
  2. Helen Chandler - DNO Representative 
  3. Stephanie Clements - Class A


DSC Contract meetings will be quorate where: Committee Representatives of at least three (3) shall be Shipper Representatives and three (3) shall be DNO Representatives, NTS Representatives or IGT Representatives, are present at a meeting who can exercise seven (7) votes.

Committee Representatives: Please advise if you are not intending to participate, together with confirmation of any alternate who will attend in your place.



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    Microsoft Teams
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    Joint Office
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    0121 288 2107
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