Governance Workgroup 04 November 2019

Due to power problems at Radcliffe House, teleconference facilities will be available for this meeting, however not with our normal provider. Please dial in as normal.


This meeting will also include Workgroup 0676R



  1. Rebecca Hailes (Chair)
  2. Helen Bennett (Secretary)
  3. Tracey Saunders (Northern Gas Networks)
  4. Guv Dosanjh (Cadent Gas)
  5. Maitrayee Bhowmick-Jewkes (Joint Office)
  6. Andy Clasper (Cadent Gas) 
  7. Teresa Thompson (National Grid)
  8. Penny Garner (Joint Office)

Teleconference Attendees:

  1. Richard Pomroy (Wales & West Utilites) 


  1. Clare Cantle-Jones (SSE)
  2. Oorlagh Chapman (Centrica)

Event Information