Governance Workgroup 29 June 2020 (CANCELLED)

Please note: This meeting including Workgroup 0676R has been cancelled and the next meeting will be held on 16 November 2020

This meeting will be held by Teams Meeting


  1. Loraine O'Shaughnessy (Chair)
  2. Helen Bennett (Secretary)
  3. Aisling Jensen-Humphreys (Conoco Phillips)
  4. Alex Travell (BU-UK)
  5. Andrew Robinson (npower)
  6. Andy Clasper (Cadent)
  7. Chris Hewitt (National Grid)
  8. Clare Cantle-Jones (SSE)
  9. Claire Towler (SSE)
  10. David Mitchell (SGN)
  11. Guv Dosanjh (Cadent)
  12. Hilary Chapman (SGN)
  13. Iwan Hughes (VPI)
  14. Jennifer Smith (Hudson Energy)
  15. Mark Eccles (Gazprom Energy)
  16. Mark Wood (Gazprom Energy)
  17. Oorlagh Chapman (Centrica)
  18. Richard Fairholme (Uniper)
  19. Richard Pomroy (Wales & West Utilities)
  20. Steve Mulinganie (Gazprom Energy)
  21. Tracey Saunders (Northern Gas Networks)


  1. Cher Harris (SSE)
  2. Danny Bryne (Utilita)
  3. Henk Kreuze (Vermilion Energy)
  4. Kirsty Dudley (E.ON)
  5. Nigel Bradbury (EIUG)
  6. Xavier Jacques (EDF Trading)
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