DNCMF 21 September 2021 CANCELLED

This Workgroup meeting was cancelled due to quoracy not being achieved.   DNCMF meetings will be considered quorate provided at least six participants attend, of which at least two shall be Shippers and two DN Transporters.


Registered Attendees

  1. Loraine O'Shaughnessy (Chair)
  2. Helen Cuin (Secretary)
  3. Matt Atkinson (Gazprom Energy)
  4. Paul Whitton (SGN)
  5. Rhys Jones (WWU)
  6. Smitha Coughlan (WWU)
  7. Stephen Cross (SGN)

Event Information
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    End Date
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  • Meeting Organiser
    Joint Office
  • Telephone
    0121 288 2107
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  • Meeting Cancelled