DSC Change Management Committee 10 April 2024


Lee Greenwood for Oorlagh Chapman

Louise Hellyer for Lisa Saycell

Louise Hellyer for Swetta Coopamah



More Info

Workgroup Papers should be published by 5pm 02 April 2024


DSC Change/ Contract meetings will be quorate where: Committee Representatives of at least two (2) shall be Shipper Representatives and three (3) shall be DNO Representatives, NTS Representatives or IGT Representatives, are present at a meeting who can exercise six (6) votes.


Event Information
  • Start Date
    End Date
  • Event Category
  • Location
    Microsoft Teams
  • Meeting Organiser
    Joint Office
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Observers: Please submit a request via enquiries@gasgovernance.co.uk to be provided with a Microsoft Teams meeting invitation to access the meeting.