UNC Modifications

Modifications can be raised by any party to the UNC and should be made on the standard forms available at www.gasgovernance.co.uk/unc/templates.  Modifications should be sent to enquiries@gasgovernance.co.uk.

A copy of the Legal Text Guidance Document is available at: /gendocs.


Modification Reference

Each modification is given a unique number.  Suffixes are added to highlight the status of some modifications. These are:

A - Alternative (followed by B, C etc if more than one Alternative is raised)

S - Self Governance

FT - Fast Track Self Governance

V - Varied

Multiple suffixes can also apply, for example when an Alternative is Varied, this will be numbered xxxxAV.

Modifications can be amended prior to being issued to consultation and the number is not changed.  Any subsequent amendment requires a Variation Request to be raised and considered by the Modification Panel, and this becomes a Varied Modification with the V suffix.


Cross Code Engagement (Modifications affecting multiple Codes)

In order to encourage Cross Code Engagement across the industry, Code Administrators have agreed how they will support any modifications affecting 2 or more Codes. The Master Registration Agreement website holds a log of modifications which may have cross code impacts: http://mrasco.com/change-proposals/code-administration-code-of-practice