Project Nexus Steering Group (Closed)


The Project Nexus Steering Group was established to:


"...facilitate the timely implementation of systems to replace the existing UK Link systems, and incorporate those enhanced business processes developed as part of Project Nexus.  In particular, the Steering Group will provide governance around matters which do not sit readily within the terms of reference of existing industry groups and/or which Xoserve cannot appropriately determine at its sole discretion due, for example, to the implications for wider market participants.  The steering group will therefore provide a forum for cross-industry decision-making on the implementation of Project Nexus."


Chair:  Les Jenkins

Secretary:  Lorna Dupont



If you would like to speak to one of the Steering Group members please contact the Joint Office in the first instance and we will forward your enquiry.  Our contact details are at the bottom of this page.


Members - representing   (Alternate):


  • Alex Travell - Large, mixed-portfolio shippers   (Hazel Ward)
  • Jeremy Guard - Small, new entrant shippers  (Alison Russell)
  • Gareth Evans - Industrial and commercial shippers
  • Mike Harding - Gas transporters - independent  (Vickie Spiers)
  • Chris Warner - Gas transporters - distribution
  • Phil Lucas - Gas transporter - transmission  (Gareth Davies)
  • Sandra Simpson - Xoserve (Nick Salter)
  • Angelita Bradney - Ofgem (Jon Dixon, Jeremy Adams-Strump)


Other attendees (as required):


  • PwC:  Stuart Cook, Gill Williams, Andy Sinclair, Sandi Bains
  • Baringa:  James Beverley, Matthew Adams