Critical Friend Top 5 things to expect from your Code Administrator


To help industry parties understanding of what they can expect from us, Code Administrators have agreed the five key things they should all provide. Please see the attached document for more details.


The Joint Office, Code Administrator for the UNC, already provides these items:


1. Primary Contacts 



2. What you can expect from your Code Administrator 



3. Website Guide 

/AZ and /hints


4. Pre-Panel Briefing 

/panel ('open' briefing call each month supported by email circulated to all UNC parties registered with us, published with the Panel papers)


5. Be impartial 

Contact us by email or telephone for advice, support or to discuss any matters you think we might be able to help with. Whilst we are not UNC experts, we can help in detail about governance matters, generally about Code matters, or we will put you in touch with an expert.