Modification Panel

The Modification Panel is the body constituted under the Uniform Network Code to oversee the Modification process.


Shipper Representatives are elected annually, via the Joint Office - details of the election process for the Shipper Representatives can be found at: 



Transporter Representatives are appointed by the relevant Gas Transporters.  Almost all decisions are taken on a simple majority basis.


Industry observers are welcome to attend Panel meetings by prior arrangement and subject to space availability. Please contact the Joint Office (see below) if you would like to attend any Panel meeting. Please also note that observers cannot participate in proceedings unless invited to do so by the Chair.


Correspondence relating to the Panel can be sent to, or telephone 0121 288 2107.


Normal Meeting Date:  The third Thursday of each month.  (In addition the Panel occasionally meets or holds a Teleconference to discuss specific Modifications.)


Meeting Location:  Elexon, 350 Euston Road, London NW1 3AW


Independent Chair:  Mark Shurmer

Deputy Chair:  Penny Garner

Secretary:  Bob Fletcher


Voting Representatives


Consumer Representative


Stew Horne (appointed by Citizen's Advice from 18 May 2017) standing alternate Joel Atherton

Non-Domestic Consumer Representative


Eddie Proffitt (appointed by Ofgem from 14 November 2017)



Andrew Green (Total Gas and Power) - standing alternate Phil Broom or Steve Mulinganie

Andrew Margan (British Gas) - standing alternate Graham Jack

Angela Love (Love Energy Consulting)

Emily Wells (Corona Energy) - standing alternates Claudio Ziviani or Daniel Fittock

Richard Fairholme (Uniper)

Steve Mulinganie (Gazprom) - standing alternate Andrew Green or Phil Broom




Hilary Chapman (Scotia Gas Networks) - standing alternate David Mitchell

Chris Warner (Cadent Gas) - standing alternate Andy Clasper

Joanna Ferguson (Northern Gas Networks) - standing alternate Shanna Key

Darren Lond (National Grid NTS) - standing alternate Matthew Hatch

Richard Pomroy (Wales & West Utilities)

Nicky Rozier (BUUK) - standing alternate Rob Johnson 


Non Voting Representatives

Naomi Anderson (ElectraLink) - Independent Supplier Representative

Raymond Elliot - Ofgem Representative