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Welcome to the web site of the Joint Office of Gas Transporters.


The heart of our role is efficiently administering governance of the processes for modifying the commercial regime which underpins the GB gas industry. We do this by publishing industry information, primarily through this web site, and by hosting industry meetings. While this service is provided on behalf of the major Gas Transporters, we seek to provide a professional and even handed service to all parties with an interest in the gas industry. Part of that is providing the information that you want and need, and we hope that this web site proves useful in meeting that need.


We have produced a short guide to what you can expect of us, which includes links to some industry websites, available in the Help menu:


Some of the more common things people visit our site for:




A list of modifications, with current status and next key date, can be found in our Modifications Register here.


Documentation for each modification is stored according to where they are in the modification process:



            European Code driven Modifications

            Awaiting Ofgem Decision



Alternatively, search by using (in your browser bar) the url, where xxxx is the modification number.


Templates for parties wishing to raise modifications are here.


Workgroup Information:


The UNC Panel allocates modification proposals to the most appropriate Workgroup for assessment and development because it is a more effective use of time to collate modifications into wider Workgroup meetings. Information relating to these Workgroups can be found here.


For each Workgroup meeting links are provided to the modifications on the agenda.


Meeting Details:


All Joint Office-hosted meetings are displayed on our Events Diary

In addition, many other common-interest events held by other gas industry bodies are shown on the Events Diary.


Uniform Network Code Documents:


All of the UNC documents can be found here.




To improve our service and better meet your expectations, we need and value your feedback.  Please take the time to tell us whether there is anything you think we should do better - email


The Joint Office is committed to operating in line with the Code Administration Code of Practice, published by Ofgem.  Any comments on the Code of Practice or how we can better comply with this would also be very welcome at any time  - email




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