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Joint Office of Gas Transporters
Consort House
Princes Gate Buildings
6 Homer Road

B91 3QQ


Map to 6 Homer Road:


Telephone: +44 (0)121 288 2107




To contact UNC Modification Panel members


A list of Panel members can be found here

Enquiries to Panel members should be directed via the Joint Office 


Mailing Lists

The main mailing lists that we use are:


  1. UNC - used for UNC related issues, many of which we are obliged to issue by the Modification Rules. This includes all modification related materials and messages that others ask us to circulate on their behalf.
  2. Pricing - used to notify changes to the level of charges and for charging related UNC modification notices
  3. GCF - used for messages aimed at end users (Gas Customer Forum)
  4. Meeting Notices - used for invitations to meetings and notice of agendas being published
  5. Measurement Errors - used for notices regarding offtake meter errors
  6. UK Link - used for UK Link Committee business and notices about system changes
  7. Distribution Workgroup - used for information directed to Workgroup attendees
  8. Transmission Workgroup - used for information directed to Workgroup attendees


If you would like to to subscribe/unsubscribe to any of these lists at any time, please email us (


In addition, we provide a Twitter service. This is used to provide notifications such as when minutes of meetings are published and when late papers are received ahead of meetings. We have also used Twitter to try to alert people about late notice cancellations, for example during adverse weather conditions. The Tweets that we have issued are reproduced as a feed on the front page of our website. They can also be accessed if you are a registered Twitter user, and it is possible to receive all the tweets that are issued in the form of texts to any mobile phone. To subscribe to the text service, text "Follow @jointoffice" to 86444. To stop receiving the texts, text "Leave @jointoffice" to 86444. Any suggestions for additional information that it would be useful to release via Twitter would be welcome, as would any suggestions for other communication channels.




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