Contract Management Committee

This is a UNC sub-committee as constituted under UNC General Terms D 4.1.1.


Meeting Location:                     Solihull


Committee Chairperson:           Rebecca Hailes
Committee Secretary:               Helen Bennett / Helen Cuin


Correspondence relating to this committee can be sent to:

Telephone enquiries:  0121 288 2107


Committee Representatives:


Shipper User Representatives

1. Colette Baldwin (EON) - class A

2. Graham Wood (British Gas) - class A

3. Lorna Lewin (Dong) - class B

4. Steve Mulinganie (Gazprom) - class B

5. Robert Cameron Higgs (Flow Energy) - class C


Transporter Representatives

1. Sue Hilbourne - DNO Representative

2. Joanna Ferguson - DNO Representative

3. Beverley Viney - NTS Representative

4. Sean McGoldrick - NTS Representative

5. Kishan Nundloll - iGT Representative


CDSP Contract Management Representatives

1. Dave Turpin

2. Matt Smith

3. TBC


Standing Alternates

Andrew Margan for Graham Wood 
Alexander Mann for Steve Mulinganie
James Crosland or Oliver Xing for Lorna Lewin
Kirsty Dudley for Colette Baldwin
Beverley Viney for Sean McGoldrick
Chris Warner for Sue Hilbourne
Nicky Rozier for Kishan Nundoll
Robert Wigginton for Joanna Ferguson
Sean McGoldrick for Beverley Viney

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