UK Link Committee (Closed by UNCC April 2017)

This Committee is held to review and, as required, approve UK Link Modifications and to review the performance of the UK Link System.

Meeting Location: Teleconference

Main Meeting Date: Second Thursday of each month

Chair: Les Jenkins

Secretary: Mike Berrisford

Xoserve advisor: Steve Nunnington

Correspondence relating to this Sub-committee can be sent to:

Telephone enquiries: 0121 288 2107

Sub-committee Members

Shipper Members:

Alison Neild (Gazprom)

Colette Baldwin (E.ON)

Graham Wood (British Gas)

Lorna Lewin (DONG Energy)

Mark Jones (SSE)

Sharon Eaton (RWE npower)

Simon Power (EDF Energy)

Samantha Cannons or Clare Cantle-Jones (SSE Alternate)

Kirsty Dudley or Anthony Johnston (E.ON UK Alternate)

Andrew Margan (British Gas Alternate)

Alex Cebo (EDF Alternate)

Steve Mulinganie (Gazprom Alternate)

Stephanie Shepherd or Maitrayee Bhowmick-Jewkes (RWE npower Alternate)

Lisa Cutbill or James Crosland (DONG Energy Alternate)

Transporter Members:

Steve Nunnington/David Addison (Xoserve) - On behalf of National Grid Gas Distribution Ltd, National Grid NTS, Northern Gas Networks, Scotia Gas Networks and Wales & West Utilities