Shrinkage Forum

The Shrinkage Forum provides an opportunity for the Distribution Network Operators to meet interested parties in order to discuss LDZ shrinkage.  This includes dealing with issues described in the UNC. 

The Joint Office provides administrative support for the Forum. 

Chair:                          Loraine O'Shaughnessy

Secretary:                   Helen Cuin


Suggested agenda items are always welcome and should be sent to:

Details of Forum meetings are provided below, along with related publications.



Meeting Event Details
Wed 12 January 2022
Wed 24 November 2021
Wed 24 March 2021
Wed 16 December 2020
Wed 25 November 2020
Wed 26 August 2020
Tue 24 March 2020
Mon 16 December 2019
Fri 29 November 2019
Tue 27 August 2019
Wed 27 March 2019
Fri 14 December 2018