UNC Workgroups

The Modification Rules provide for the UNC Modification Panel (Panel) to create and manage Workgroups.

Modifications and related matters are referred to these Workgroups by the Panel.  The Workgroups meet to discuss the range of issues within their remit, with attendance at a meeting open to all who choose to attend. The Panel decides which Workgroup is asked to discuss and report on a particular modification, and may give guidance as to which issues the Workgroup should address.

The majority of modifications which the Panel decides require further development are referred to one of the Workgroups rather than to a specific group convened to consider a specific modification. The Workgroups therefore enable groups of related issues to be considered within a single meeting, avoiding the need to convene separate meetings.  The Workgroups operate within the Cod Administration Code of Practice, which has been established by Ofgem.  Administration of the Workgroups, including providing a Chair and Secretary, is managed by the Joint Office.  All Workgroup meeting dates and the associated papers are published on this website.