AUG Sub-Committee

The AUG Sub-Committee is a sub-committee of the Uniform Network Code Committee, with certain rights and responsibilities relating to the Framework for the Appointment of an Allocation of Unidentified Gas Expert (AUGE).

It is an open meeting of interested parties, at set points throughout the annual cycle, to review and provide guidance/support to the AUGE and discuss issues raised relating to the AUG Methodology and Table. 

Meeting Event Details
Tue 7 April 2020
Fri 13 March 2020
Fri 14 February 2020
Fri 10 January 2020
Mon 16 December 2019
Mon 30 September 2019
Wed 24 July 2019
Fri 12 April 2019
Fri 15 March 2019
Fri 15 February 2019
Fri 11 January 2019