Credit Committee

This is a sub-committee of the DSC Contract Management Committee.


Meeting Location:      Solihull or teleconference


Chair:                        Chris Shanley
Secretary:                 Kully Jones


Correspondence relating to this committee can be sent to:

Telephone enquiries:  0121 288 2107


Committee Members:


Shipper User & Transporter Members

  1. Adam Lane (Centrica Energy Markets & Trading)
  2. James Hill (EDF)
  3. Pauline Babb (SSE)
  4. Sallyann Blackett (E.ON)
  5. Ian Clark (Northern Gas Networks)
  6. John Burke (Cadent)
  7. Paul Whitton (Scotia Gas Networks)
  8. Phil Lucas (National Grid NTS)
  9. Sue Davies (Wales & West Utilities)
  10. Thomas Butler (ES Pipelines)


CDSP Credit Representatives

  1. Mark Cockayne
  2. Sandra Dworkin


Standing Alternates

  1. David Trevallion for Pauline Babb

  2. Gavin Anderson for James Hill

  3. Smitha Coughlan or Richard Pomroy for Sue Davies

  4. Laura Dawson for Sallyann Blackett

  5. Sharon Farby for Adam Lane

  6. Debbie Brace for Phil Lucas