NTS Charging Methodology Forum

The NTS Charging Methodology Forum (NTSCMF) is a UNC Workgroup that debates and develops modifications to the transmission charging methodologies in TPD Section Y of the UNC.

 Main Meeting Date: 10:00 First Tuesday each month 
 Meeting Location: Solihull or Microsoft Teams
 Chair:    Eric Fowler
 Secretary: Helen Cuin
 Correspondence enquiries@gasgovernance.co.uk
 Telephone enquiries: 0121 288 2107


Useful Links:

Revenue Mapping Document: Determination of Target Revenues and Recovery (gasgovernance.co.uk)

National Grid Gas charging papers: https://www.nationalgas.com/charging/gas-charging-discussion-gcd-papers


NTSCMF meetings will be quorate where there are at least six participants attending, of which at least two shall be Shipper Users and one NTS Transporter in attendance.