DSC Change Proposals

Since 01 April 2017, the Joint Office of Gas Transporters were required to publish all Change Proposals in support of the CDSP Service Document - Change Management Procedures and the Change Management Committee.

The DSC Change Management Committee agreed that, as of the 01 April 2019, the new Xoserve website Change Proposal library should be used.  Updates will no longer be made to the Change Proposals contained on the Joint Office website, and any new Change Proposals will only be published on Xoserve.com Change Proposal Library. If you have any questions, we advise you to contact Xoserve at uklink@xoserve.com.

If you are interested in receiving information/notifications about new Change Proposals, please contact Xoserve at box.xoserve.PortfolioOffice@xoserve.com

Change Proposals will incorporate:

   (a)     a Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) Request

            or ROM Report in respect of a Modification Service Change;

   (b)     the Change Proposal;

   (c)     an Evaluation Quotation Report (EQR);

   (d)     a Business Evaluation Report (BER);

   (e)     a Change Completion Report (CCR); and

   (f)      any revision of the above.

Please refer to the Change Management Committee meetings at: /DSC-Change for information on how Change Proposals progress through from initial discussion to completion.