Theft of Gas Reports


UNC TPD Section V13, Annexes 6 and 7    -    Theft of Gas Reports


Shipper Report


All data reflects the Shipper theft of gas activity as recorded in the Transporter Agency systems (ConQuest/Contact Management Service (CMS)).  Data reflects sites which are within the named Shipper ownership regardless of the party that undertook the report or activity.



Transporter Report


All data reflects theft of gas activity as recorded within the Transporter Agency systems (ConQuest/CMS). Data relating to cases that are open or recently reported reflect activity that is in the geographic area managed by each Transporter.  Data relating to case closures show instances of alleged theft that may be considered to be Transporter owned under the Gas Transporter Licence Standard Condition 7 arrangements at the time that the system closure takes place.


It should be noted that activity relating to investigation and final classification for inclusion in the Licence defined theft does not usually take place until after the system closure.  Further back office investigations and follow up with suspected offenders to recover the value of gas offtaken usually takes place after the Transporter Agency system activity is closed and is therefore not reflected within these reports.


Further activity relating to theft of gas can take place within Transporter 'business as usual processes' that are not reflected within the Transporter Agency systems.  All Transporters are currently reviewing all theft of gas related activity and developing improved processes and procedures.