Demand Estimation Sub-Committee


Meeting Location:  Solihull / Teleconference


Chair:        Loraine O'Shaughnessy

Secretary:  Helen Bennett


Correspondence relating to this Sub-committee can be sent to:

Telephone enquiries:  0121 288 2107

Note on Xoserve Demand Estimation FAQs:

The Xoserve Demand Estimation team has collated a set of Frequently Asked Questions, including information on where to find ALPs, DAFs, PLFs and similar attributes (those particular parameters are available to Shippers and Transporters via a secure website and the FAQ includes a link to gain a log-on, for those who don’t already have it).
The FAQs for Demand Estimation can be found in the FAQ section on the Xoserve website via the following link:

Sub-committee Members: - from 01 October 2020

User Members

Anupa Purewal (E.ON)

John Jones (Scottish Power)

Louise Hellyer (Total Gas & Power)

Zoe Ireland (Centrica)



User Alternates 

Sarah Palmer (E.ON Alternate)

Mark Linke (Centrica Alternate)


Transporter Members

Abbie Sheppard (National Grid)

David Mitchell (Scotia Gas Networks)

Emma Buckton (Northern Gas Networks)

Sanjeev Loi (Cadent)

Smitha Coughlan (Wales & West Utilities)



Transporter Alternates

Paul O'Toole (Northern Gas Networks)

Hilary Chapman (SGN)

Shiv Singh (Cadent)

Xoserve (appointed as an Alternate to represent WWU and National Grid)








Meeting Event Details
Mon 7 December 2020
Mon 5 October 2020
Wed 22 July 2020
Mon 6 July 2020
Fri 22 May 2020
Mon 27 April 2020
Mon 10 February 2020
Mon 9 December 2019
Tue 5 November 2019
Mon 7 October 2019
Mon 22 July 2019
Mon 8 July 2019
Mon 10 June 2019
Mon 13 May 2019
Wed 24 April 2019
Mon 1 April 2019
Mon 11 February 2019
Mon 10 December 2018
Thu 8 November 2018
Mon 8 October 2018
Wed 5 September 2018
Thu 9 August 2018
Tue 24 July 2018
Mon 9 July 2018
Tue 15 May 2018