UNC Elections

 Key Process Stages


Respond by:

Action: Registration of Single Point of Contact (SPoC) – Registration Closed


27 May 2022

Action: Single Point of Contact (SPoC) to submit nominations for Membership

by 06 June 2022

by 24 June 2022

Action: Membership Election (if nominations received exceed the required Committee number of representative’s positions)

by 11 July 2022

by 29 July 2022

Notification of Membership

01 September 2022


Membership Commences

01 October 2022



The documentation below sets out the high-level procedures and timeline that are followed during the Appointment Process.  All communications relating to the appointment process should be addressed to: uncelections@gasgovernance.co.uk

A list of registered SPoCs can be found in the attachment list below.


Representatives who have been appointed to the UNC Panel and Sub Committees are listed on the following links:

UNC Panel and UNC Committee: /panel
Demand Estimation Sub-Committee: /DESC
Energy Balancing Credit Committee: /EBCC
Performance Assurance Committee: /PAC
DSC Change Management Committee: /dsc-change
DSC Contract Management Committee: /dsc-contract
DSC Credit Committee: /dsc-credit