UNC Elections

The documentation below sets out the high-level procedure and timeline that is followed during the Appointment Process.  All communications relating to the appointment process should be addressed to: uncelections@gasgovernance.co.uk

A list of registered SPoCs can be found in the attachment list below.

The following Representatives have been appointed to the UNC Panel and Sub Committees with effect from 1 October 2017:


UNC Panel and UNC Committee

Andrew Green (Total Gas & Power)

Andrew Margan (Engage (formerly Centrica))

Emily Wells (Corona Energy)

Jeff Chandler (SSE)

Richard Fairholme (Uniper)

Steve Mulinganie (Gazprom)


UNC Panel Non-Domestic Consumer Representative (voting)

Eddie Proffitt (Major Energy Users Council)


UNC Panel Independent Supplier Representative (non-voting)

Naomi Anderson (ElectraLink)



Demand Estimation Sub-Committee (DESC)

Alexander Holbourne (Corona Energy)

Fiona Speak (Npower)

Jason Blackmore (British Gas)

Sallyann Blackett (E.ON)

Tony Davey (SSE)



Energy Balancing Credit Committee (EBCC)*

*4 vacancies remain on this sub-committee; please contact the Joint Office if you wish to become a member.


Adam Lane (Centrica)

James Rigby (Npower)

Pauline Babb (SSE)

Richard Fairholme (Uniper)

Sallyann Blackett (E.ON)


Performance Assurance Committee

*2 vacancies remain on this sub-committee; please contact the Joint Office if you wish to become a member.

Carl Whitehouse (First Utility)

John Welch (Npower)

Lisa Saycell (Gazprom)

Mark Jones (SSE)

Mark Bellman (Scottish Power)

Mitch Donnelly (Centrica)

Sallyann Blackett (E.ON)



Change Management Committee (from 01 April 2017)

Andrew Margan (British Gas)

Kirsty Dudley (E.ON)

Alison Neild (Gazprom)

Lorna Lewin (Dong)

James Rigby (Npower)

Chris Warner (Cadent)

Richard Pomroy (WWU)

Beverley Viney (NTS)

Phil Lucas (NTS)

Nicky Rozier (GTC)

Katy Binch (ESP)


Contract Management Committee (from 01 April 2017)

Kirsty Dudley (EON)

Lorna Lewin (Dong)

Steve Mulinganie (Gazprom)

Robert Cameron Higgs (Flow Energy)

Gareth Evans (Waters Wye Associates)

Sue Hilbourne (SGN)

Joanna Ferguson (NGN)

Beverley Viney (NTS)

Phil Lucas (NTS)

Gethyn Howard (GTC)

Victoria Parker (ESP)


Credit Committee (from 04 April 2017)

Adam Lane (Centrica Energy Markets & Trading)

James Hill (EDF)

Pauline Babb (SSE)

Sallyann Blackett (E.ON)

Ian Clark (Northern Gas Networks)

John Burke (Cadent)

Paul Whitton (Scotia Gas Networks)

Phil Lucas (National Grid NTS)

Sue Davies (Wales & West Utilities)

Thomas Butler (ES Pipelines)