NTSCMF 10 January 2019

Please note the meeting room is now at full capacity and any further registering delegates will only be able to join via teleconference.




  1. Rebecca Hailes (Chair)
  2. Helen Cuin (Secretary)
  3. Adam Bates (South Hook Gas)
  4. Anna Shrigley (Eni Trading &Shipping)*
  5. Alex Nield (Storengy UK Ltd)
  6. Alsarif Satti (Ofgem)*
  7. Andrew Pearce (BP)
  8. Bill Reed (RWE Supply & Trading)
  9. Chris Wright (Exxon Mobil)
  10. Colin Williams (National Grid)
  11. David O'Neill (Ofgem)*
  12. Debra Hawkin (TPA Solutions)
  13. Graham Jack (Centrica)
  14. Henk Kreuze (Vermilion Energy)
  15. James Gudge (National Grid)
  16. James Thomson (Ofgem)*
  17. John Costa (EDF Energy)
  18. Julie Cox (Energy UK)
  19. Kamla Rhodes (ConnocoPhillips)
  20. Kirsty Ingham (ESB)
  21. Meha Shah (Exxon Mobil)
  22. Nick Wye (Waters Wye Associates)
  23. Nicky White (nPower)
  24. Nigel Sisman (Sisman Energy Consultancy Ltd)
  25. Nitin Prajapati (Cadent)*
  26. Paul Youngman (Drax Power Ltd)*
  27. Pavanjit Dhesi (Interconnector)*
  28. Penny Jackson (nPower)*
  29. Richard Fairholme (Uniper)
  30. Richard Miller (Ofgem)*
  31. Sinead Obeng (Gazprom)
  32. Steve Pownall (Xoserve)
  33. Terry Burke (Equinor)


* via teleconference


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