22 November 2023 UNC Modification Panel and UNCC

This meeting will be a hybrid with all Members welcome to attend in person providing they have notified the Joint Office in advance.


Panel Chair

  1. Wanda Goldwag

Shipper Members

  1. Dan Fittock plus Alternate for Steve Mulinganie
  2. David Morley 
  3. Colin Paine
  4. David Morley plus Alternate for Oorlagh Chapman
  5. Richard Fairholme

Transporter Members

  1. Charlotte Gilbert 
  2. David Mitchell 
  3. Edward Allard
  4. Malcolm Montgomery
  5. Tracey Saunders plus Alternate for Richard Pomroy

Non-Domestic Consumer Representatives

  1. Arjan Geveke

Consumer Representative

  1. Sam Hughes

Ofgem Representative

  1. Matthew Brown


  1. Bob Fletcher
  2. Kate Elleman - Joint Office
  3. Penny Garner - Joint Office
  4. Rebecca Hailes - Panel Secretary

Event Information
  • Start Date
    End Date
  • Event Category
  • Location
    Microsoft Teams
  • Meeting Organiser
    Joint Office
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Observers who have been granted permission to join the meeting via teleconference will need to contact the Joint Office for teleconference details using enquiries@gasgovernance.co.uk